Beginner Lessons

'Are you German?...'

In this first lesson, our goal is to get a feel for the sounds of German. We start with a very short exchange between two people on a flight who are essentially talking about their nationality. It is our first encounter with the key verb sein. We will also make use of the verb kommen. Let's get started!

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 1

The German Alphabet

What if someone asks you to spell your surname, in the bank or post office, or when making a reservation? We cannot get far in German without knowing the alphabet. Let's familiarise ourselves with the key sounds and pronunciations in this lesson.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 2

Introducing oneself

In this lesson Herr Meier bumps into Frau Schmidt, his new neighbour, for the first time. Their brief conversation contains some basic - but very important - expressions.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 3

Talking about work

In this lesson, Herr Meier meets Ms Müller. They speak briefly about their work. Let's hear about what they do and whether or not Mr Meier likes his job.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 4

Discussing flight plans

In this lesson, Andrea and Frank are in an airport lounge. They briefly discuss where they're flying to. We'll pick up useful expressions, including the verbs for 'to fly' and 'to travel'.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 5

Talking about family, Part I

In this lesson, we talk about family. In her conversation with Markus, Isabel talks about the people in a photograph she is holding.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 6

Talking about family, Part II

This lesson expands on our discussion of family from the previous lesson. Frau Meier and Herr Schmidt bump into each other in the park. Though they are living in the same apartment block, it's the first time they have actually engaged in conversation.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 7

'Is Mr Smith here?...'

In this lesson's dialogue, Herr Meier calls into an office looking for Herr Schmidt. Herr Schmidt is away, however. Herr Meier must arrange to come back again later.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 8

Ordering something in a café

Our task in this lesson will be to order something in a coffee shop. We'll make use of key vocabulary, including the verbs helfen, trinken and essen. But that's only the beginning.

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 9

'I'd like a bouquet of flowers, please...'

In this lesson, we'll discuss some numbers, and some colours, as we buy a bouquet of flowers at the florist. Let's start with a role-play between Herr Meier and the florist...

Price: 1 credit(s)
Lesson #: 10