Podcasting explained…

What is a podcast?

It's a series of audio (or video) recordings available via the internet. Our Beginner's podcast consists of 20 audio mp3 files – one for each lesson – which you can listen to on your computer or on an mp3 player.

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When subscribed to LGBP in iTunes, you'll see an audio file for each lesson. From iTunes, transfer the files to your mp3 player, or play them back directly.

How can I listen to the LGBP lessons?

The easiest way is to subscribe to the podcast by following these simple steps.

Once I'm subscribed, what then?…

In iTunes, you'll see an audio list of our lessons. The most recent lesson will download automatically to your computer. Click the GET button to download earlier lessons.

From the list, you can download the audio files and transfer them to your mp3 player, or you can play them back directly.

Do I need an iPod to listen to the audio?

No. Our mp3 files can be played back on:

  • your computer
  • an mp3 players of any kind
  • most mobile phones
  • any other device capable of playing back mp3 files