LGBP: Terms & Conditions

We currently provide downloadable German-language learning content in PDF format via our website. This content is sold in the form of individual PDF files. Purchasers of this content must buy 'bundles' of download credits in order to access and download these PDF files. Information on purchasing download credits can be found here.

So that you, the purchaser, can have a good idea of what you are purchasing before carrying out a transaction via our website, you may download a sample Lesson Guides (PDF).

Purchased content: for your personal use

Once you purchase and download our PDF files, you may make a backup of each downloaded file for safekeeping (on a secondary computer, external hard disk, or removable medium such as a CD, DVD, USB key, etc). You may also print out our PDF files and work with the 'hard copy' version of the files. Your purchase entitles you to use our content for your own personal use ONLY. Your purchase does not entitle you to make multiple copies of our PDF files (for use with a class of students, for example). Nor does your purchase entitle you to make multiple 'hard copies' of the PDF files for distribution among a group of people. If you do wish to use our content with a group (that you may be teaching, for example) please contact us for classroom licensing information).

We hope – and are confident – that our German language-learning content will benefit you in your study of German. We do not, however, make any guarantee that you will reach a given standard of German fluency within a given period of time while studying our content.

We take great care in the preparation of our German language-learning content. We do not, however, guarantee that our content will not, from time to time, contain errors, whether grammatical, linguistic or factual. Given the many pages of content we create, it does occasionally happen that errors occur.

Changes to PDF content, website, pricing, etc.

We may occasionally consider it necessary or desirable to make modifcations to PDF or website content we have created. We reserve the right to make such modifications to our content without prior notification.

It is likely that we will change, over time, the prices we charge for the purchase of download credits. This may result from a variety of factors including, but not limited to, inflation, production cost increases and currency exchange fluctuations. We reserve the right to effect such pricing changes without prior notification.


If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with a purchase you have made via our website, we undertake to refund the value (at the time of purchase) of the unused number of Download Credits in your account. For us to be able to make a refund to you, you must notify us, via email, that you require a refund within 30 days of having purchased Credits. After that time, no refund can be made.


Plus Publications content may not be modified, reproduced, copied (in a manner other than as specified above in the section entitled 'Purchased content: for your personal use'), re-purposed or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission of Plus Publications. © All rights reserved.


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